Sunday, March 9, 2014

Recap: A look back for Android, from late 2008 to early 2014

I was not active in blogging for a while, and after a long gap, posting a new one. All my previous posts are from my app development experience in Android. This one is a little different. I like to tell about brief history of Android from my experience and updates

Android changed a lot from the initial days. Late 2008 and early 2009's, where Android phones are just entering into the smartphone market and first phone was from T-Mobile called G1. During that time, testing of the apps are mainly on emulator, so when I first tested my app in an real Android phone, I was so excited. G1 is almost like what we see in an emulator. It was Android SDK v 1.0. Now, jelly bean and the latest kitkat arrived, which are improved a lot, also in the process, Android evolved as a strong mobile OS as well as matured a lot in terms of security, user experience and added more features.

In the global smartphone market, 80% share belongs to Android. In five years from 0 to 80% share is a big achievement. Of this, 80% of Android phones are Android version ICS (API level 14 and above). In this majority of the share goes to Samsung. Samsung share in Android phones is about 63%. That means Out of 80 Android phones, 50 are from Samsung.


Now Android is capturing Tablet market also, In 2013, Android takes 62% market share of tablet as Apple's share declines.

The numbers in this post are got from various sites. I did my best to get the numbers accurate and updated.